Some common questions about our services and pagination of medical records

What is pagination of medical records?

By definition pagination is the sequence of numbers, or letters, assigned to pages in a publication, be it a book, periodical or, in the case of medical records, a volume or file.

The numbering of each page, usual sequence is to start at “1” and to continue consecutively.

Can we get your client's medical records for you?

We will apply for your client’s medical records on your behalf. All we require is your client’s signed authority and a list of all the establishments who have records in their possession pertinent to your client’s case. We will apply to each establishment and keep the fee earner updated.

How can we send our client's medical records to you?

You can sent your client’s medical records to us by registered post, either as hard or digital copies, alternatively, you can upload the medical records to us via our secure client portal.

We are also able to collect and deliver the medical records and the paginated bundles to your offices by secure courier or in certain geographic locations, PPS staff will collect and deliver.

What happens once you receive our client's medical records?

On reciept of your client’s medical records we will acknowledge receipt to the fee earner immediately by e mail. If the medical records have been sent digitally we will download the records and print off hard copies. We will then sort, collate, paginate and copy the paginated medical records. We will then send hard copies to the fee earner and upload a digital copy to our secure client portal for the fee earner to download safely and securely.

What if the medical records are incomplete?

Before paginating the medical records our internal review systems will identify any missing medical records and we will immediately update the fee earner. We will then apply for the missing medical records or wait until the fee earner obtains the missing documents before completing paginating the medical records.

How are the medical records sorted and collated?

Before collating and paginating the medical records the complete set of medical records are allocated to the most suitable team member. The suitable team member will be the medical professional with the experience of the area of medicine where medical or clinical negligence is being considered by the instructing solicitor.

The medical records are then sorted and collated accourding to the instructions of the referring solicitor, alternatively we can sort and collate the medical records into a system to ensure the records are easily used and followed by those conducting the case and the Court.

When do you index the medical records?

After sorting, collating and paginating the medical records we index the file(s) and put the index at the start of the records. Also indexed are all other documents such as x-ray’s and CT scans.

Do you provide a chronology of the medical records?

After sorting, collating and paginating the medical records the relevent experienced team member reviews the files and provides a detailed choronology of the salient medical records. This chronology serves to assist the appointed expert and instructing solicitor to easily navigate the records saving time and expense, however the chronology should not replace the instruction of an expert in the relevant discipline.

In what format are the paginated medical records returned?

We will deliver one hard copy of the paginated medical records along with one digital copy (if requested) and digital copies of all other investigations, such as CT scans and x-rays. All digital copies are also uploaded to our secure client portal which is accessable 24/7 by the instructing client.

How safe are our client's medical records?

From the time of collection or reciept you can be assured regarding the safety of your client’s medical records. All work on your client’s medical records are undertaken on our secure and alarmed premisis. All medical records are stored overnight in securly locked filing cabinets.

All duplicate medical records are returned to you or safely destroyed, depending upon your instructions. Copies of your client’s paginated records are stored digitally on our secure client portal until safely downloaded by our instructing client.

We have misplaced our client's paginated medical records can you assist?

We securly save a copy of your client’s paginated medical records on our secure client portal until conclusion of your case or instructions from you to destroy the copy of your client’s paginated medical records. 

We are therefore able to provide further copies within the above time-frame along with continual digiatal access via our secure client portal.

Do you provide Court Bundles and further hard copies of the paginated medical records?

The simple answer to this is yes.

We can provide as many copies of the paginated medical records as you require however there is an additional charge after provision of the first hard copy and we are able to provide a complete Court Bundle service. Please contact us with your requirements.

Any Further Questions

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