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We bring order to chaos, by;

Collecting, collating, indexing, paginating and providing chronological analysis of medical records.


Prepare Court and Trial Bundles, to your specification, in both civil and criminal litigation.

Medical Records Collection

We will collect your client’s medical records from all relevant providers and chase up missing records while keeping you fully updated. If you don’t, at the time of your instructions, have a signed client authority, we can obtain this from your client and request the medical records from all the relevant provider in order to keep your case moving.

We will remind all providers of their statutory duty to provide the medical records in good time and chase any providers who default. Our proactive strategy ensures you’ll be in receipt of the records securely and efficiently.

Collate, Index & Pagination

When we receive digital records either from the instructing party or the healthcare provider, via our secure client portal, we will print the entire records, single sided, on A4 paper. If we receive paper copies from either the instructing party or the healthcare provider we will convert all double sided documents to single sided A4 copies.

The records are then sorted into specific sections and in chronological order. The prepared records are then paginated to run consecutively into a coherent and easy to use bundle. A comprehensive index is prepared to accompany the paginated medical records.


Digital & Hard Copies

Digital copies of the paginated medical records are available to be downloaded directly from our secure client portal. You are also able to upload documents and securely communicate with us through the same client portal. All digital copies are provided in fully searchable PDF format and complies with current Court requirements. Digital copies of the paginated medical records can also be supplied on disc or USB if required.

Hard copies of the paginated medical records, if required, are provided in 4 ring quality lever arch files with case details on the cover and spine. All hard copies are provided with our unique tabbing system that makes our service more user friendly during trial or during trial preparation. Unlike our competitors who use a numbering or lettering system to identify tabs our tabs state clearly the actual content of the section with no requirement to refer to a tabbing index.


Chronology & Memorandum

 A thorough and detailed chronology of the issues within the case is prepared according to your instructions and/or requirement. All pertinent medical issues are identified and presented as a cross-referenced timeline of events in chronological order.

 A memorandum is provided that identifies any missing/illegible records and any issues salient to the case will be identified.


Radiology Records

We upload all radiology records such as x-ray films, MRI scans, CT scans etc usually provided as a CD to our secure client portal. The records can then be downloaded directly by you or the medical expert without the need of providing the original CD. If a CD copy is required we can copy the original and provide the number of CD copies you require.

Secure Client Portal

Our secure client portal enables;

1. Safe transfer of digital medical records from our client or the relevant healthcare provider to us;

2. Safe transfer of the paginated medical records to our client or to our clients medical expert;

3. Safe and secure correspondence between our client and us;

4. Safe storage of our clients paginated medical records until completion of the case or instruction from our client to delete the records. Enabling our client access to a digital copy of the paginated medical records whenever required.


Court & Trial Bundles

Don’t waste valuable time and money preparing Court and Trial bundles when we can do it for you. All civil and criminal trial bundles can be prepared to your specific requirements.

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