Fees & Credit Terms

No hidden extras, extended credit terms available, tailored to your specific needs.

What are the benefits?

A fee earner must also ensure that they have the correct ‘resources, skills and procedures to carry out [their] clients instructions; and the service [provided must be] competent, delivered in a timely manner and take account of…needs and circumstance’ (Solicitors Code of Conduct O(1.4) & (1.5)).

By outsourcing pagination of medical records to Professional Paginating Services you are ensuring you are complient with  objective 1.4 and 1.5 of the Solicitors Code of Conduct and it allows you, the fee earner, to focus on your client, directly maintaining high levels of client care. Further, by outsourcing pagination of your client’s medical records to Professional Paginating Services you are able to focus on the more complex legal issues which cannot be outsourced.

You save valuable time.

You raise your costs and receive a quality service from our experienced team of medical and legally qualified professionals.

What are the options?

Our fees are recoverable as a disbursement or as an agent.

In the case of;

Smith Graham v Lord Chancellor. 

Smith Graham considered the fees of an enquiry agent (retired police Officer) which were claimed at an enhanced fee earner’s hourly rate rather than at the invoiced amount as a disbursement. LJ Hallett determined that if the work done was appropriate for a fee earner to carry out, then this would be chargeable at an hourly rate.

The benefits to you of instructing us and billing as a disbursement are that the fee will be recoverable regardless of the outcome (subject to your client having ATE insurance or alternative funding arrangements).

An increasing number of Solicitors, rather than incur overheads and liabilities of employing fee earners, use outside agencies to do work for them.The benefits to you of instructing us as an agent are;

  • Where the case is successful, our time can be billed as a grade D fee earner and thus the firm can make a profit from outsourcing the work. (Paragraph 4.16 of the Costs Practice Direction provides that agency fees are dealt with on the principle that such charges form part of the principal solicitor’s charges).
  • Fees for pagination need not be claimed as a disbursement within a Bill of Costs upon successful conclusion of a claim.


What are the costs?

£45.00 per hour fixed fee applicable to all areas of service. (No hidden extras).

No increase in fee rate for urgent cases.

Fees due 45 days after issue of invoice unless extended credit terms or deferral of payment agreed.

Deferral of fees available until conclusion of case (not available in juvenile cases).

Free delivery and collection of bundles.

Fixed costs for sorting, collating, paginating and indexing bundles only.

Additional hard copies of files:

Up to 300 pages A4 file £30.00

Up to 400 pages A4 file £40.00

Up to 500 pages A4 file £50.00

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