Civil litigation is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) which came into effect in 1998. The CPR represent a single code of rules setting out how a case is to be conducted in the civil courts in England and Wales.

Within the CPR can be found the protocol that should be followed in respect to the presentation of the Claimant’s medical records in Clinical Negligence/Medical Negligence litigation.

Pre-Action Protocol for the Resolution of Clinical Disputes

3.5 At the earliest opportunity, legible copies of the claimant’s medical and other records should be placed in an indexed and paginated bundle by the claimant. This bundle should be kept up to date.

Are you compliant with CPR 3.5, are your client’s medical records sorted, collated, paginated and indexed “at the earliest opportunity”? If they are not, are you surprised that you are not compliant with the CPR.

The CPR are there to help you, your client and the defendant follow the best practice in medical negligence litigation. By following the CPR you will limit the stress you and your client experiences throughout what can be a very long process.

We can ensure you remain compliant with the CPR regarding sorting, collating paginating and indexing your client’s medical records. Our detailed chronology will also enable you to assess the merits of your client’s claim before you expend considerable costs on instructing on an expert opinion and further our paginated bundles will mean the expert spends substantially less time reviewing un-paginated medical records. Saving significant upfront costs.

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