Well you didn’t expect pagination of your client’s medico-legal files to be free. Did you?

We at Professional Paginating Services want to be your chosen provider of medical records paginating, and to show our commitment to you, we are able to offer deferred payments for our services for up to two years.

We understand that our client’s incur significant upfront costs when taking on a medical negligence case and we would like to help offset some of these costs by offering our deferred payment option.

We realize that profit margins are decreasing, competition is increasing and fixed fees are on the clinical negligence horizon and therefore deferred payment options are becoming desirable if not a must to many clinical negligence departments.

Professional Paginating Services already offer our clients means to increase profit margins by outsourcing pagination of client’s medical records to us, and this added facility will further help legal firms accounts departments to balance the books while waiting for clinical negligence cases to be settled.

If you would like more information regarding these credit terms please contact us on 02920 813365 or by completing the email contact details here.

Professional Paginating Services your partner for sorting, collating, paginating and indexing your client’s medical records. We’re here with you for the marathon not the sprint.

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